Special Thanks to our KEI FIT community!

THANK YOU to all who supported us on this incredible journey. We are humbled by your dedication to your own wellness and the care you have shown us on our mission to build KEI FIT. As we uproot our family and re-establish ourselves in our next home, we will never forget our time together. Although we must relocate the gym, we will always hold SoDo and all of you in a special place. What an adventure. We love you all and hope to see you again soon! Cheers

Jacob Simons
We love our community. Thank you, Jennifer!

First of all, the trainers have great energy. They know A LOT, and are incredibly kind and encouraging. The vibe is very welcoming. I expected to be a little intimidated at first, as I hadn't been to a gym or group circuit training in years; but I felt immediately at ease, and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences!! The workouts are interesting and varied, and wonderfully hard! Also there is free parking at a convenient location, incredibly affordable rates, and delicious local coffee served on Saturday mornings! I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better gym...they check off all of my boxes! A genuinely ideal workout experience.   - Jennifer L

Jacob Simons
Clean. Confident. Together.™

At KEI FIT we live Clean, Confident, Together.™ We dream of a movement - A movement of people that band together, rise together, and live in accordance with their purest self. Join us! 

Jacob Simons
Couples arial yoga.

Join us for a yoga event with this beautiful couple.

More info regarding events on our schedule. Make special requests via our contact page if there is something you would like us to host! 

Jacob Simons
So proud of this woman!

I am in awe of the heart and passion this woman shares with others. I can't wait to see her passion and purpose - building a community for all to heal and grow - begin to blossom. I stand behind you, honey, ready to support and serve in this mission. 

Jacob Simons
Grand Opening - Thank You!

Tonight was a special evening.

We thank you all so very much for the support and encouragement we felt each of you. As we continue on this journey - a dream to build a wellness community for all - we know it will be our dearest friends and family that will carry us through challenging times. 

Thank you for you love, encouragement and wisdom over the year.

We love you!

Jacob Simons

KEI is a Hawaiian term meaning One’s Pride and Glory. To us, nothing is more important than a deep and passionate care for one’s mind, body, and spirit. Whatever your purpose may be, we believe it begins with You!

Jacob Simons
Rig installed. Endless fitness options.

After two days of drilling concrete and brick with a hammer drill and sinking concrete anchors with an impact driver, the Rig is standing proud. My hands however look like they went through a meat grinder - warehouse foundations are tough!

Come check it out. Endless fitness options possible with this new addition to the gym. 

"This is the wall mount version of the Rig & Rack System that started it all. Built in Ohio from 2x3” 11-gauge steel, the Rogue Infinity Rig became the official rig of the CrossFit Games and is now the base set-up for more Affiliates worldwide than any other system."


Jacob Simons
Ok. Let's see it!

After an evening of masking and painting, the moment has arrived to peal back the tape and see our brand badge. Fun times!

/// Process :

Design badge > project to scale > mask letters with tape and cut to detailed perfection with exacto knife > beer break > roll out badge with black matte paint > hand paint Est. 2017 > remove tape > enjoy!

Jacob Simons