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Functional Integrated Training (FIT)

We offer a variety of services to suit everyone's wellness goals. If you are looking for something special, including a custom program, don't hesitate to ask.

If you are looking to establish a Corporate Account, please reach out and we can create what is right for your team!

*** Please note that during our relocation, Private Training and Special Events will be offered only. We will announce our new location when open.***


Private Training

For singles and groups up to 5 people. Programs include: Strength & endurance, athletic conditioning, flexibility/yoga, injury prevention, weight loss, lean & tone, muscle building. All private training programs are custom to each client and come with wellness & nutrition coaching.

Group Classes

For people who enjoy the energy and intensity of circuit-style group training. Each class integrates: Strength, power, core, stability, and cardio.


Open Gym

For people who prefer to self-direct their fitness activity. During open gym, members are able to use the full facility. Group classes will not be conducted at this time.


Group + Open

For people who want to attend Group Classes and use the facility during Open Gym, this combo membership is the perfect choice. Note: Currently PM hours only; AM hours coming soon! 

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Karina's motivational style is extremely encouraging - firm but with a smile, a little grace, and a high five.  -Raanah

Clean, cool, and professional with top trainers and equipment. Not to mention great coffee, too.  -George

Awesome workout, great facility, easy parking, and fantastic people! The workouts are a perfect (for me) mix of intensity and volume. Rare for a workout to fit in so much in one hour while also feeling intense and varied. Really impressed with this place. And it's reasonably priced.  -Dylan

The vibe is very welcoming. I expected to be a little intimidated at first, as I hadn't been to a gym or group circuit training in years; but I felt immediately at ease, and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences!!  -Jennifer

She pushes you to achieve new highs but at the same time is very cognizant of listening to your body.  -Vandy

They'll meet you where you're at.  -Gabby